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new amv~

Manga: Katekyo Hitman Reborn © Amano Akira
Song: Russian Roulette by Rihanna
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WARNING ! Spoilers ahead for ch 292-295.

It was just about time to update something... thought it's really short. I have so many unfinished stuff or amvs that are not worth to be updated.
I had to do something with the current arc cause I LOVE it so much <3 I always waited for something like this to happen to Yamamoto~ and I loved everyone's reaction.

Hope this vid is enjoyable!

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i am still alive damn it~

Titel: Yours Truly
Anime: Katekyou Hitman Reborn
Song: Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Your Guardian Angel

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I made this amv for yinake in the name of khrsecretsanta 2009~ I am sorry for posting it this late here, but my hands was full with so many things. But being busy is fun <3

I know I was lacking in making amv-s... but I had my reasons... I hope I can make more amv in the future. MOAR 8059 ONES as well

Már ha lesz időnk, úgye Dodus? xD;; *rabszolgahajcsár*
Tei/Mikage &lt;3


Titel: fri.end.ship
Manga: 07 Ghost
Song: Simple Plan- Save you
Warning: spoilers ahead!

It was one of my dropped projects. I began to make this MMV back in 2008. And... um... didn't finished it. But yesterday, I was thinking about the animeted version what's coming out soon -tomorrow-, and wanted to finish before the airing time. I finished.
Um, I edited the song, so if it's really bad, then sorry.

Otherwise, I love this manga. Love this couple, as friends or more =P and want to cosplay Teito >.<

I am planning to make an AMV version for this song too. *fangirl* can't wait to watch the anime~

Hope everyone will enjoy it~

Guess I will use dailymotion like kia_sohma ♥ said
OP- together

Reborn/LotR fan-trailer


Titel: The Fellowship of the Ring
Anime: Katekyo Hitman Reborn
Audio: the LotR trailer's audio


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So... um...I began to made this fan trailer back in september.
But I kinda dropped it. Now, I had the mood to finish it.
I tried to follow the original trailer's pace, and keep the characters.

Here is the cast:

Frodo as Tsuna
Sam as Basil
Merry as Yamamoto
Pippin as Gokudera
Gandalf as Kyuudaime
Aragorn as Mukuro
Legolas as Ryohei
Gimli as Lambo
Boromir as Hibari
Sauron as Xanxus
Elrond as Dino
Arwen as Chrome
Galadriel as Haru

Note: I know Gokudera could be Sam too... but my 8059 fangirl heart just didn't allowe that. Moreover, Pippin and Merry is good enough as Goku and Yama. Yama has swords so he could be Aragorn too. But Yama never got close to any girl, so the kiss scen with Arwen and Aragorn would be impossible with him.
Thank you for understanding!

Hope you like it ^^
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" I'm a pawn in your game and this is checkmate "


Sooo, my super-sexy-long awaited- expensive to the hell figure has arrived on Tuesday <3
Nobody was at home when the postman came, so I had to go and pick him up on Wednesday... so, um... I kinda skipped school ^^;;; Poor him, he had to spend a whole night at the cold post office.... alone ;______;
The figure came out on the 25 of October. I per-ordered it around  on 8 August... I guess o.o;;;

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[CG] SuzaLulu amv~

Titel: Mistake
Anime: Code Geass
Song: Skillet- Better than drugs
Couple: SuzaLulu


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I made this amv for yaoi-con... duh... it was so tiring to finish it in 4 days lol XD Being lazy is not good...
Anyway, it's a yaoi/shounan-ai amv, but still can be a friendship/enemy one.
I used the first season and the first 18 episodes of R2.
Hope everyone will like it, especially  Viki-san~